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Arrow Valves

Backflow Prevention Cat 5-4

AB18 Rainwater Header Break Tank CSAB Care Shower
AB2 Shower Break Tank DC257 Pipe Interrupter
BTAB Boost-A-Break DF Dose & Fill
BTHW Ablution Plant MFD Midi-Fill Digital
BTMIDI Midi-Break AFS/AFP Auto-Fill
BTMIDI-HS Hot Water Midi-Break

Backflow Prevention Cat 3-1

AFCA Auto-Fill ED316 Double Check Valve - Stainless Steel
CA297 Filling Valve with CA Device ED402/ED202 Double Check Valve - Cast Iron Flanged
ED132 Double Check Valve - Low Headloss ED440 Double Check Valve
ED172 Double Check Valve - Economy EB235 Single Valve - Hoses
ED235 Double Check Valve - Flow Limiting EB402 Single Check Valve - Cast Iron Flanged


AB2 Shower Break Tank BTMIDI Midi-Break
BPE Booster Set DF Dose & Fill
BTAB Boost-A-Break MFD Midi-Fill Digial
BTAF Pent-A-Boost Arrow Stealth Compact Booster Set

Pressure Control

PRV535 Pressure Reducing Valve - Light Industrial PRV 1300 Pressure Reducing Valve - JRG
PRV536 Pressure Reducing Valve - Industrial PRVNGE Pressure Reducing Valve - Flanged Pilot Operated
BA Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ) Anti-Surge / Anti-Vacuum Valve

Flow Contol and Measurement

AFL Automatic Flow Limiting Valves AFLE Equi-Flow


AFL Automatic Flow Limiting Valves CSAB Care Shower
BTHW Ablution Plant

Heating Products

ADR Air Dirt Remover AFS/AFP Auto-Fill (FC4)
AFCA Auto-Fill(FC3) CA297 Filling Valves with CA Device
DP5 Dosing Pot EVCP Expansion Vessel

Isolating Valves

AFL Automatic Flow Limiting Valves BRV Branch Valve
BPV Bypass Valve BV209 DZR Brass Compression Ball Valve
FB Filterball Isolating Valve AWS20FM Automatic Waterstop Valve

Standpipe & Hose Union Taps

HU15NTBIL/HUG7944 Hose Union Accessories - Washdown SPED Tamperproof Hose Union Bib Tap Cat 3
HUBG Hose Union Tap Below Ground SPTB Minature Standpipe - Ground Mounting
HUC "Conceal-A-Tap" Concealed Hose Union Tap SPTG Standpipe Shirt - Flange Mounting
HUTB/HUTBS/HUTG Tap Box/"Tap Guard" SPWP "Waterpoint" Tamperproof Hose Union Tap w/ Shelf Cat 3
SPBA Tamperproof Commercial Standpipe Cat 4 SPWPSC Standpipe with Self Closing Tap
DB256 Pipe Interrupter DC257 Pipe Interrupter
HUD Detach-A-Tap Datasheet HUD Detach-A-Tap O & M Manual
SPHUD Pillar Standpipe Assembly Datasheet SPFC5 Standpipe Assembly Datasheet

Temperature Control

TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve TMV Thermostatic Mixing Valve


Level Controller

Other Useful Arrow Valves Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Ablution Unit O & M Manual Autofill O & M Manual
Boost-A-Break O & M Manual Pent-A-Boost O & M Manual
Midi-Break O & M Manual Midi-Fill Digital Wiring O & M Manual
Midi-Fill Digital O & M Manual Dose & Fill Wiring Diagram
Dose & Fill O & M Manual Water Supply Company Contact Info
ARROW VALVES TUTORIAL 3 - Filling Heating Systems ARROW VALVES TUTORIAL 4 - Clothes & Dishwashing
ARROW VALVES TUTORIAL 7 - Washroom ARROW VALVES TUTORIAL 8 - Showers, Baths & Bidets
ARROW VALVES TUTORIAL 9 - Isolating Valves Arrow Valves Warranty Terms & Conditions

WRAS Approval / KIWA Certificates (Arrow Valves)

PRV535 Pressure Reducing Valves WRAS EVCP Expansion Vessel 24 WRAS
Expansion Vessel Hydro Pro WRAS EB402/EA453 Range Single Check Valves WRAS 
BA Reduced Pressure Zone Valves RPZ 575 WRAS BA Reduced Pressure Zone Valves RPZ 574 WRAS
ECO3T Reduced Pressure Zone Valve RPZ WRAS ED235 Double Check Valve Assemblies WRAS
BTAB Break Tank & Booster Sets WRAS EB235 Single Check Valve Assemblies WRAS
HUBG Water Meter Boxes WRAS ED316 Non-Verifiable Check Valve WRAS
Pent-a-Boost BTAF5-8 KIWA