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NINOX® and NINOX® LARGE Self Cleaning Magnetic Filters

Ninox® is a maintenance-free magnetic filter designed to collect and evacuate the ferric sludge (Magnetite) present in heating and cooling circuits. Ninox® is compact, intelligent and automatic. Ninox® can be installed in new build or retro fitted to existing heating and cooling systems. Ninox® is suitable for large industrial and commercial LTHW and MTHW heating systems.

Ninox® is a new and unique solution for the commercial and industrial heating sector and the innovative hydraulic design is fully patented. The range is made up of 9 models as standard, from DN 32 to DN 125. All are fully automatic and maintenance free.


Each heating and cooling circuit can be protected with Ninox®. Being compact and fully automatic, the Ninox® can be installed on each circuit return. The sludge collection is then carried out zone by zone ensuring optimal protection for each circuit.

In-line installation means no bypass or additional pump is required. The Ninox® can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation of the circuit pipework. The sludge will be discharged to a foul drain. The Ninox® can also be installed on the primary circuit where it should be positioned on the return before the boiler.

For a new installation, the Ninox® would be positioned where the Y strainer would normally be. Thanks to its standard dimensions (flanges + centre distance), the Ninox® can be installed in place of a standard Y filter on existing systems. This allows the protection of the system from the ferric sludge (magnetite) to evolve over time on an existing installation without having to modify the pipe work. The flexible multi-directional controller allows perfect ergonomics.

Discharge Volumes

The following table indicates the volume of water discharged during each flush with the factory setting of the Ninox®.

Technical Characteristics

Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Box: IPX4D
Electrical: 24V DC (or AC) 100mA, 1 X 230V power adapter (supplied)
PN: Recommended Presure Range 1.5 bar to 6 bar
Temperature: +15
°C to +80°C up to + 105°C with high temperature option