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CPD Accredited Seminars

Hurlstones currently provide seven CPD Seminars, (three of which are CIBSE and SOPHE accredited), normally over lunchtime, at our Clients' premises. (We even supply the sandwiches!)

We can also offer these CPD seminars remotely via any online application such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. relation to backflow protection

TOPIC 1: The Water Regulations 1999

  1. Fluid Categories – risk classification - New UK standards
  2. Regulations 2 – 6 – requirements and solutions
  3. Backflow – how it occurs, back siphonage vs back pressure
  4. Backflow prevention devices - Fluid Categories 2 – 5
  5. RPZ valves – use, installation & testing
  6. Sealed heating – regulations and devices
  7. Water Fittings Approval Standards – Kiwa, WRAS
  8. Water conservation – requirements and devices
  9. Hose Union Taps - requirements and devices
  10. Temperature – limit and control
  11. Summary
  12. Question & Answers
  • TOPIC 2: Hot Water System and Heating Management

    1. Introductions & Overview - A Brief History of Heating Systems
    3. Backflow Protection and Hot Water
    4. System Types
    5. Vented and Unvented Heating System
    TOPIC 3: Effective Washroom Control

    1. Introduction to Cistermiser
    2. An overview of Water Management
    3. Commercial Washrooms explained
    4. Urinal Flushing Systems
      • Cistern Fed
      • Water Supply
      • Waterless Urinals
    5. WC Flushing Systems and the benefits of electronic flush control
    6. Wash basin usage and types of taps
    7. Total Washroom Control Systems
    8. Summary
    9. Questions & Answers

    TOPIC 4: Using the Internet of Things for Water Temperature Monitoring to help Reduce the Risk of Legionella

    The fourth edition of ACoP L8, published by the HSE in 2013 with technical guidance published separately in Health & Safety Guidance 274, was compiled to help duty-holders comply with their legal duties and Part 2 of this document specifically deals with the control of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems. This CPD fully discusses the issues around this important compliance requirement and describes how the latest remote monitoring systems using IoT technology platforms deliver significant advantages for management of commercial buildings in the 21st century.

    This Cistermiser CPD module is approved by 3 bodies: RIBA, CIBSE and The CPD Certification Service’’

    TOPIC 5: The Use of Anti-Surge Valves / Surge Arrestors 

    1. Introduction to Cla-Val
    2. Application Background
    3. Cause and Effect of Surge/Water Hammer
    4. Product Operation
    5. Product Features and Benefits
    6. Installation Guides
    7. Maintenance
    8. Approvals
    9. Summary
    10. Questions & Answers

    TOPIC 6: Pressure Management for High Rise Applications

    1. Brief Company Overview
    2. Direct Acting vs Pilot operated
    3. Combined Pilot operated PRV with Low Flow Bypass
    4. Sizing Guidance
    5. Zonal Pressure Control
      a. Benefits
      b. Installation recommendation
    6. Material choices / Pressure ranges
    7. Product Accessories

    TOPIC 7: Ferrous Oxide in Heating Systems

    1. What is Ferrous Oxide
    2. How does it form? Including its chemistry for forming
    3. Its effect on a Heating System
    4. Methods of dealing with ferrous oxide - Ways to control or eradicate it, and then remove it effectively
    5. Types of Equipment
    6. Conclusions

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