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Discrete Heat

ThermaSkirt - The skirting board that heats your home or any space!

Fed up with tiresome, bulky radiators eating up your valuable wall space and creating dust marks on your walls and hot and cold spots in your rooms?

Concerned that Under floor heating would involve too much upheaval, new floor coverings or cutting down your doors and skirtings to accommodate an ‘overlaid’ system and still be slow and unresponsive?

There is however an alternative solution, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment, traditional boiler or a renewable energy technology – ThermaSkirt®. 

ThermaSkirt® is a unique, patented aluminium profile, that is not only designed to look like a skirting board but also radiates heat like a radiant panel (or underfloor heating). Warm water pass through hidden pipes moulded into the back of the skirting moulding, heating the front face and thus radiating heat into the room. No fuss, no mess just simple radiant heat all around your room.


The Easyclean range was developed in co-operation with the NHS for their kind of environments. Read more here: EASTCLEAN LTS BROCHURE

Each section of ThermaSkirt panel is joined in the corners with patented push-fit connectors (no soldering or sealants) and then hidden by a complimentary colour matched cover. No mitering, no butt and scribe joints and no mastic.

ThermaSkirt comes with a unique top edge seal to allow painting and re-decorating without masking off or ‘cutting in’ and most designs have a removable cable cover to hide your speaker, data and IT wires out of sight.

Available in a wide range of styles and colours (& even wood grain finishes!) the pre painted ThermaSkirt® can replace your existing radiators in one room, or the whole house if you wish. It can even use your existing radiator pipes.

ThermaSkirt works with traditional boilers, but also with renewables such as heat pumps due to its greater surface area, aluminium construction and better all-around heat distribution, compared to a standard radiator.

Apart from warming your feet, the comfort and feel of a room installed with ThermaSkirt is practically indistinguishable from under floor heating; but without the slow warm up times, disturbing your floor or limiting your choice of floor covering.

It's great for any space and can combat a number of issues, which you can read about in our CASE STUDIES, where you will see solutions for commercial spaces, hospitals, student accomodation and much more.

Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, it is the Skirting Board that Heats your home.